New news on new website

Finally! My new website is online, thanks to the good and fast work of “Die Partner” and “Drantos” from Görlitz.


New look and new content

The previous website was now six years old and no longer up to date in terms of technology, design and content. Have fun and interesting insights while browsing.

The website is available in english only. Die Internetseite ist nur in Englisch verfügbar.


Wild secrets revealed

A new wildlife documentary for television

We have been working on our film project “Wild Secrets” for four years. Now the secrets have finally been revealed and the two-parter has been completed. NDR Naturfilm/doclights has taken over the production as usual. The broadcast dates for 2024 have not yet been set, but will be announced here in time.



A very special wildlife documentary

The animals themselves have directed this film. They tell stories that normally remain hidden from us humans. An incredible effort was required to gain unique insights into their lives. For four years, 150 hidden and remote-controlled cameras were used. This was the only way for the protagonists to feel undisturbed and show many unknown behaviours.

The secret world of animals

please click to load the external video content from vimeo

Only the german version is completed so far: “Die geheime Welt der Tiere”. Here is the intro of part 1.